Since 2010, corporate partners have been a fundamental part of our innovation platform. Through various levels of partnership, we provide corporate partners with exposure to our ecosystem and access to qualified and strategically aligned early-and-growth stage startups.

We supercharge your innovation strategy.

Our mission is to catalyze technological advancement and that’s why we bring together the world’s largest corporations to power the growth of the startups shaping their industries.

By joining the network, you get bespoke dealflow, decision-making power over the accelerator programs, and an unrivalled presence in the heart of technology: Silicon Valley.


We boost your digital transformation.

Building an innovation strategy at a massive company is a huge challenge. We simplify that by helping you connect to the startups that can directly impact your business and technology goals.

We empower specific business units from our corporate partners by pinpointing their business challenges and matching these directly to startups with the right solutions.

We catalyze culture change.

We help our corporate partners build an innovation culture from top-down by working directly with the C-Suite. This creates more buy-in, more engagement, and far better results.

Our corporate partners build their cultural change through our Summits (3-day demo days), selection days, focus weeks, industry meetups, mentor sessions, and Silicon Valley outposts.