Mr. B Vinod Kumar, Vice Chairman of Telangana Planning Commission at PGA location in Princeton, New Jersey.

Princeton, NJ – On November 4, 2019, Princeton Growth Accelerator (PGA) invited Mr. Boianapalli Vinod Kumar, Vice Chairman of Telangana Planning Commission for Meet and Greet session at PGA office located in Princeton, New Jersey. Over 60 CEO’s of different companies from different industry domains attend the meet and greet. Some of the participants include CEO’s from IT firms, Renewal Energy, Life Science, Investors and Social Entrepreneurs. Evening started with Vinod Kumar provided an update on Telangana state offerings on IT, and Life Sciences. Two initiatives that were discussed at length were IT Towers that are being built in Tier II cities like Karimnagar, Warangal, Nizamabad. Other initiative which was discussed in length was Pharma City, a prestigious offering from Telangana government which is welcoming all Pharma M&C’s and NRI’s come and bring or open new pharma initiatives in the Pharma City. During the event three initiatives were formally announced. Announcement of a US Center for Telangana Talking about the initiative Mr. Vijay Garg, CEO of PGA stated that US Center for Telangana to be a bridge between Telangana and US based Corporations. It will help to bridge the gap and sustain the interaction between Small to Large US Corporations and Telangana Government for investments, knowledge share and social entrepreneurship. With the Team of Ajay Reddy Nalamada, Venkat Reddy Maram, Praveen Yandapalli, Dayakar Puskoor, Ravi Dhannapuneni and Vijay Garg will launch the activities. Formal Announcement of Trestle – a Startup Companies program between T-Hub and PGA Mr. Dennis Mehta, Co-CEO of PGA, talking about the initiative had announced that PGA had entered an understanding with T-Hub to start a Startup Program called Trestle. Program is initiated by T-Hub, where in a cohort of startup companies who participate in 4-month program will be supported by PGA for US Expansion During which time, Startup companies in the program will be provided opportunities like Funding, Networking, Advisory, Co-working space and Customer acquisition opportunities. Princeton Angels Network Mr. Charles R. Parmele (Chip), a strategic investor and serial entrepreneur, had assured Mr. Vinod Kumar that the group is interested in investing in Telangana State. He mentioned that Princeton Angel Network and members of which are serial entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in Social enterprises that will generate employment and impact society at large Mr. Dennis Mehta, on behalf of Israel India Technology Group, had provided an interesting feedback and offered help in the last mile irrigation. The group had offered to bring Israeli technology in farming and irrigation. Mr. Vinod Kumar, had noted the feedback and wants to follow up with further discussion on this topic. Mr. Praveen Yandapalli CEO of Vitel Global, had discussed a proposal of Skill Development in Talent Acquisition and HR functions. His proposal will generate employment and provide IT and other life sciences companies in hiring trained talent pool from Tier II cities of Telangana. In conclusion, Mr. Suresh Reddy Pannala, thanked Mr. Vinod Kumar and all participants, as a takeaway, he stated that through US Center of Telangana, we should be able to help US Business Entities to connect with Telangana and help develop Telangana. Madhavi Bathula PR, Princeton Growth Accelerator [email protected] About PGA: About Telangana State Commission: