News: Virtual Pitch Contest – August 2020

Initial recognition is the driving force behind the success of most startups. The Virtual Startup Pitch Day held by Princeton Growth Accelerator is one of the best opportunities to bring your idea to the world, and get the attention that you know you deserve.

Following Startups pitched in the event 

The Vector Gear – The Vector Gear is a type of Mixed Reality Headset. Using the Uudo Bolt v8, ultra realistic 3d models and simulations can be created at an accelerated pace. Mixed Reality (MR) is when the real world is overlaid with virtual aspects. Some very popular MR applications include Pokemon Go and the Snapchat Face FIlter. The Vector Gear is possible thanks to three parts: The Horizon, Gaze Tracking enabled Retinal Projection and the FS-FP5v, although it may be replaced with the UUDO Bolt V8, which gives the same at a smaller size/cost.

Sports Trace – SportsTrace provides athletes with information about their most important asset – their bodies – through video automation that delivers actionable recommendations.

Schrocken Inc – helps life sciences firms establish a digital intelligent supply chain network for drugs and devices. The product is ready and live at 1 pilot customer, and close to signing up a commercial deal with another one.

Refer Me Job – Get job referrals and land your dream career. Job seekers may get interview information and referrals and, save time and money. Insider can build team, referral bonus and make money.

MyCLNQ – Connecting all your Healthcare needs using Blockchain technology for storing all Health Data with encryption and only access to authorized owner. Big Data enabled of having 360 degree view of patients and providers. Big Data on AWS Cloud using AI feature enabled patient to get earliest available neighbourhood doctors.

Princeton Growth Accelerator was proud host of the event.