We are actively seeking members who share our vision, contribute to our network and are interested in selecting, investing in and mentoring early stage growth companies. A member must be an Accredited Investor willing to make a minimum of one investment per year.

This investment group is ideal for Individuals, VCs as well as Corporates. Our mission is to catalyze technological advancement and that’s why we bring together the world’s largest corporations to power the growth of the startups shaping their industries.

All members pay annual dues and contribute towards finding quality deals. In addition, members are required to investigate the merits of a deal by meeting with entrepreneurs and conducting due diligence. Prospective members must submit an application, which will be reviewed by the membership committee.


By joining the network, you get

  • Bespoke deal flow
  • Due-Diligence data from PGA team as well as Peer Investors
  • Special discounts in PGA initiatives